Introducing Python 3.8!

Aaron M
2 min readOct 27, 2019

Python 3.8! What? Python 3.8 just got released? Yes. So here’s what’s new with Python 3.8:

Copyright Python Organization.
  1. Assignment Operators

This means that := works!

In this example(shown below), := prevents us from

2. Position-only Parameters

This new function parameter syntax ```/``` indicates that some function parameters must be assigned positionally and cannot be used as keyword arguments.

3. Parallel Filesystem Cache

4. Debug build uses the same ABI as the release build configures the implicit bytecode cache to use a separate parallel filesystem tree.

5. F-strings support

For self-documenting your expressions and debugging

6. Python API Configuration

PEP 587 adds a C API for configuring Python's initializations.

Copyright Python Documentation, Screenshot was taken by Aaron Ma.

7. Vectorcall

If you’re a Cython(C + Python) user, Vectorcall aims to make a fast protocol for Cython.

8. Improved Modules

When people complained about issues and bugs in common Python modules, the Python 3.8 authors improved/fixed those issues/bugs.

9. …and much more! For the full list:

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