How to Pass Udacity Projects

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2 min readApr 6, 2020


There’s a very high chance that you’ve taken a Udacity course, and maybe even a nanodegree. But since Udacity believes in a “project-based, active learning” philosophy, you’re very likely to not pass Udacity projects on the first submission, or maybe the second submission. In this Medium blog post, I’ll share my tips on how to pass Udacity projects. Let’s get started!

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Tip #1: Read Udacity’s Project Rubrics!

For every project on Udacity, there are project rubrics. Make sure you check out Udacity’s project rubrics and compare it with your work. You can find my article on how to find Udacity’s Project Rubrics here.

Tip #2: Time Management

When working on projects, Udacity has set suggested deadlines on when to submit and complete your project. Make sure that you start your project early and submit your project on time to have a higher chance of graduating in the time allotment(1 month or 3–6 months).

Tip #3: Reviewing the Course Materials

If you feel the project is hard, that’s OK! Make sure that you review the course materials to expand your learning. After reviewing the course materials thoroughly, you should be able to take on the project confidently!

Tip #4: Ask for Help

If you get stuck sometime in your project, fear not! Ask your classmates in both the Student Hub and Knowledge panel, as if you don’t ask, you’ll never receive what you want!

Tip #5: Help Others

Make sure that you help your classmates in both the Student Hub and Knowledge panel, because of two reasons:

  1. You and your classmates are in this nanodegree program together!
  2. You learn WAY MORE by helping others.

But make sure: If you don’t know how to solve the problem, don’t ANSWER IT!

Tip #6: Stay Motivated!

Throughout your project, don’t let small errors get you angry! Make sure that you stay motivated and break up your projects into small sessions to complete!

Tip #7: Don’t be afraid you won’t pass your project!

Remember, projects are to see what you have learned. If you don’t pass your project for the first time, it’s OK. There are no limits on how many times you submit your project. The reason Udacity has projects is to:

  1. See what you have learned.
  2. Get in-depth, line-by-line code review from a dedicated mentor.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your project!

-Aaron Ma



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